Considering a career in care? As rewarding as a job like this can be, there are certain steps and procedures that will need to be followed before starting your new career. Follow our handy guide below and consider applying for a care role with us at Care24Seven.

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Signing up is easy

While you do not need any specific qualifications to become a carer, it can be helpful to take a diploma or NVQ qualification with your local educational establishments to help boost your CV and show your commitment to caring for the community. This will also be helpful if you want to become a self-employed carer later in the future.

You can register with your local GP as a registered carer too so you can obtain appointments to fit around your schedule. Additionally, this allowed carers to receive the COVID-19 Vaccination quickly due to being essential workers. On top of this benefits of becoming a registered carer, it will allow you to work flexibility and do work for care agencies like ourselves at Care24Seven.

Are there financial benefits or incentives for registering as a carer?

Registering yourself as a carer is helpful if you want to apply for carer benefits, however, if you’re working for an agency like Care24Seven, you’ll be working and earning money so claiming money from your local authority won’t be necessary. Those types of funds are reserved for family members who are carers and need support from the council.


Are you interested in becoming a carer? Check out this handy guide here or visit other sources such as this one for more advice and information on becoming a carer today.

If you’re struggling for care in the home then please contact us here at Care24Seven and we will do everything to help you and your loved ones today.