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  • Carers to live in the house, usually all week round.
  • Carers to visit regularly, usually every day.
  • Are you using a grant to pay for care, with or without a top-up

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What We Do
Staying in your own home with all your personal memories is generally the best option for our clients. Care24seven provides the best elderly care at home service for individuals or couples. We enable older people to stay at home for longer without the challenge of caring for themselves.

Flexibility is a good reason for you to choose care at home
  • You decide how you wish to spend your day. It’s up to you to decide what time you wake up or have your meals, watch TV or receive visitors
  • There is no place like home. You sleep in your own bed, sit in your own favourite armchair
  • Your carer can help you to arrange and prepare for your guest and visits.
  • Visit your family and friends. Arrange a shopping trip to buy that special gift for a loved one, or perhaps a trip to the cinema. Your carer can accompany you and help with any of your needs
  • Help with housework. Take the stress and the strain out of housework. Your carer can help with this
  • We are always discreet and put your wishes first.
Our commitment to service makes Care24seven different
  • We create a free care plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Care plans are reviewed on a regular basis to allow for changes
  • We deliver a high level of service that is both reliable and affordable
  • Our friendly cheerful Carers are trained in-house to ensure service quality
  • We exceed CQC standards in quality control and in client feedback