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Need Urgent Care at Home
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There comes a time in the life of many adults when new and unexpected responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Over time, elderly family members and loved ones may fall seriously ill, or their health declines to the point where they require special care.

In circumstances like these, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about what next step to take. Do you quit your job and dedicate yourself to caring for your loved one? Do you ask a spouse or family member to take on this mantle of responsibility? Or do you relocate their loved one to a special facility?

At Care24Seven, we offer another option: care at home.

Whether It’s Round-the-Clock,
Live-in Care or Just a Little Help
Now and Then, We’re Here to Help

Care24Seven is a home care agency that specialises in care-at-home services, and we have a dedicated team of specialists that are ready to provide the high level of care and support that your loved one deserves.

What home care means is that your loved one can stay and live in the comfort of their own home while they are being cared for, with our care support workers visiting them or staying with them as long as they require. While many elderly people are opposed to or mistrusting of special care facilities like hospitals and hospices, in-home care allows them to receive the support they need at home while helping maintain their dignity and independence.

The Services We Offer

Care24Seven offers a range of different plans and care-at-home options. We understand that all
caregiving situations are different, with their own peculiarities and requirements, and we are more
than ready to help implement an arrangement that will be convenient for you and your loved one.
Here are a few of the bespoke services that we offer:

Live-in Care

Providing attentive supervision and
assistance by a live-in carer.

Hourly Care

Providing care and help for a set
number of hours per day.

Specialist Service

Your care situation is unique and
requires special accommodations.

Which Level of Care at Home is
Right for My Loved One?

In case you are having difficulty with choosing or crafting a care plan for your loved one, we have a few tips that may help you reach a decision.

  • Evaluate the mental and physical state of the person who will be receiving the care.
  • Determine how capable they are of moving around, taking care of themselves, and communicating their needs and wishes.
  • Find out if there are any risks involved in letting them move about freely at certain times of the day.
  • Determine if there are any risks of falling or failing to manage their own medication.

It is understandable that such a judgment can be hard to make, especially when communication with the person is difficult or impossible, but talking to a doctor or physician familiar with the situation of a patient can grant significant insight about the care that they need.

Finally, you are welcome to contact us for a free consultation. Care24Seven is a home care agency with years of experience and the knowledge to back up our advice and recommendations.

How Much Does
Care at Home Cost?

Each arrangement of care-at-home is different and unique, and so are the costs.

The cost will depend on such factors as:

  • The number of hours of care per day required
  • Living arrangements for the care worker
  • The number of days and weeks of care required
  • Special requirements and requests toward the care that is given.

Feel free to contact us at any convenient time, and we will be more than happy to provide an estimate, discuss other pricing questions, and address any other concerns or queries that you may have.

How to Arrange
Care at Home

With our 24/7 care services, arranging for someone to care for your loved one is as easy as can be. Feel free to give us a call at any convenient time, and we will do the heavy lifting of making all necessary arrangements.

Naturally, there will be many things to discuss, starting from payment to living arrangements, to special requirements for the care, but we have a great amount of experience in this field and will help you advance through the process quickly and thoroughly.

While most of the details will be ironed out before our specialist arrives on your doorstep, you will always have the opportunity to speak with them; share your wishes, thoughts, and recommendations; and get to know the person who will be caring for your loved one.

Does Care24Seven Provide
Services in My Area?

At the moment, our services are mostly limited to the South East
and the London area:

  • London
  • Bedfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • East Sussex
  • Essex
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • The Hampshires
  • West Sussex

Outside of the city and the aforementioned counties, we still offer certain live-in care services. Request a callback to see how we can help.

Why Hundreds of Families
Have Already Chosen Care24Seven for Live-in Care

1:1 Care Ratio: Unlike hospitals or care facilities that have one staff member per a group of elderly, we offer one-on-one care. This means the carer will devote all their time and attention to your loved one and their needs.

48 Hour Contract: We know how unexpectant life can be, and are flexible and ready to accommodate any situation. We have a short contract, which means that you only pay for what you use and can start and stop care at any time, adjusting as needed.

Quality of service: Entrusting the care of your loved ones to somebody you have not known for very long can feel like a risk, but we can assure you of the highest level of care. Our carers will cater to the major and minor needs of your loved one, and provide them with the greatest level of care and treatment that they deserve.

Financial benefits: With the rising costs of care facility services, care at home is proving to be the cheaper option. That’s not surprising as it excludes many of the expenses you would otherwise be paying for in a facility, such as rent and wages, and may even help your loved one qualify for funding help.

A certified training centre: Not only do we have over a million hours of care behind our belt, but we’re a certified training centre ourselves. This means that not only do we train our own carers face-to-face, but we also train other carers from all over the country.

No long waits for care: When care is needed, it is often needed quickly. We can begin our care responsibilities in as little as 48 hours from you first contacting us. In under 48 hours you will have a fully trained carer to look after you or your loved one.

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