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About Us

At Care24Seven, we provide personalised, 1:1 home care for elderly people, the disabled and those suffering from debilitating illness. This includes full-time live-in care, regular visits and urgent care.

We believe that domiciliary care (at-home care)is the gold standard of care for the vast majority of people. Being at home means being surrounded by memories, family and friends. It means being able to receive the best possible treatment. It means being comfortable, feeling loved and being well-looked after.

We offer that care at the highest possible level, with specialist care for those suffering from dementia and other conditions and personalised care plans designed by our experts. We know that some believe that institutional care provides things that home care cannot. We disagree.

We provide holistic care. This includes personal care and medical support, but it also includes support with cooking, cleaning, shopping, booking appointments and dealing with tradesmen. Anything your loved one needs to stay and thrive in their own home.

Why choose home care with us?

We have decades of experience delivering outstanding home care. In that time, we’ve refined our processes so that today, we offer the very best home care. We always provide compassionate, highly-trained staff who are dedicated both to their profession and the people they serve.

We provide complete flexibility.

We know that one of the reasons people book home care is that they’re not ready to commit to long-term residential care. Some conditions can be variable, with some people only needing care in the short-term or if their condition worsens temporarily. Sometimes, our customers want to do some of the caring themselves, but may also need a break from caring at times. For some,care might be needed as holiday or occasional respite cover.

We always work on a 48-hour contract basis. That means that when you book care with us, all you’re committing to is two days of care. Then, you can renew or cancel as it suits you. You can take a break for a few days, and then book us again. It’s completely up to you and the people we’re caring for to choose how we work.

We offer a commitment to affordability.

The cost of care is often the biggest barrier for families trying to access care for their loved ones. Funding for care can be difficult to get, and even where it is available, you might need or want more care than you can get funding for.

At-home care is much more affordable than residential care. With residential care, you pay for the cost of the building, as well as for the care itself. Most people would rather stay in their home than leave it. This means it simply makes far more sense to use affordable home care than to pay for unnecessary and unwanted residential care.

We guarantee quality, professionalism and integrity.

We know that sometimes, people choose residential care because they perceive it to be better quality than home care. But we operate at the very highest standards, meaning our clients receive exactly the same standard of care as they would at a residential care facility.

All our care is 1:1. In residential care, 1:1 care is unusual, with most clients being cared for as part of a group. We provide a single, devoted carer for each client.

We also know that it’s vital that our staff are highly-skilled and professional. We dedicate a considerable amount of time to training each carer we recruit, and we’re also a national training centre. Other care companies trust us to train their staff.

But it’s not just about training. We encourage a culture of ongoing learning and development, making sure all our staff keep up to date with industry changes and continue to improve their skills.

Our Approach

We know that when a family books care for their loved one, it’s often a difficult time. Making decisions about care can be difficult, and some clients struggle with the need to accept help. We make it as easy as we can for you to contact us informally and discuss your care needs.

Our phone lines are open 24-7, so you can call us for an initial chat whenever you like. Whether you’re facing a crisis or simply looking ahead, we’ll help. Our first action is always to set up a free, face to face consultation. This is your chance to get to know us as well as our opportunity to see what you need and how we can help. At the end of the consultation, you’ll have a personalised care plan that will include information about hobbies and personal preferences as well as medical needs. We can usually start care within a day.

Where we work

We operate nationally, offering our live-in care service to people across the UK. Our hourly and specialist services are available in London and most of the South East.

Care we offer

  • One-to-one home care. We’ve developed a series of care packages designed to meet the needs of large numbers of our customers. Over the years, we’ve developed a great understanding of what people need and used that to develop the packages we offer. If they don’t suit, we can agree on a tailored plan.
  • Live-in home care. Live-in care can be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our live-in carers offer care at the same standard (or better) than a residential care home, in your family member’s own home.
  • Specialist care. We’re able to provide specialist carers to people who have particular needs, including care for dementia and stroke patients, and palliative care. You’ll receive expert carers who have experience and training dealing with your loved one’s condition.
  • Emergency and respite care. We can provide short-term care both in an emergency and as planned respite. If you or another usual carer is unavailable, we’ll step in.
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Why Hundreds of Families
Have Already Chosen Care24Seven for Live-in Care

1:1 Care Ratio: Unlike hospitals or care facilities that have one staff member per a group of elderly, we offer one-on-one care. This means the carer will devote all their time and attention to your loved one and their needs.

48 Hour Contract: We know how unexpectant life can be, and are flexible and ready to accommodate any situation. We have a short contract, which means that you only pay for what you use and can start and stop care at any time, adjusting as needed.

Quality of service: Entrusting the care of your loved ones to somebody you have not known for very long can feel like a risk, but we can assure you of the highest level of care. Our carers will cater to the major and minor needs of your loved one, and provide them with the greatest level of care and treatment that they deserve.

Financial benefits: With the rising costs of care facility services, care at home is proving to be the cheaper option. That’s not surprising as it excludes many of the expenses you would otherwise be paying for in a facility, such as rent and wages, and may even help your loved one qualify for funding help.

A certified training centre: Not only do we have over a million hours of care behind our belt, but we’re a certified training centre ourselves. This means that not only do we train our own carers face-to-face, but we also train other carers from all over the country.

No long waits for care: When care is needed, it is often needed quickly. We can begin our care responsibilities in as little as 48 hours from you first contacting us. In under 48 hours you will have a fully trained carer to look after you or your loved one.

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