Palliative Care

paliative careCare24SEVEN are committed to providing quality Palliative Care services.

Care24SEVEN focus on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.

We at Care24SEVEN see ourselves as a part of the Palliative care team of doctors, nurses and other specialists. Our care plan are integrated with the wider treatment plans whatever the stage in a serious illness we are involved in. We believe that the quality of life improvements which excellent care delivers can be a positive reinforcement to curative treatment.

The quality of Care in End of life palliative care is particularly important, and it delivers real benefit to the patient as well as to their family and friends.

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Care24SEVEN Palliative Care

While the news that palliative care is necessary is always difficult to hear, Care24SEVEN is committed to helping patients and their families get the best from life during a serious illness. Based on the guidelines provided by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) around cancer care, which are nationally adapted to all forms of palliative care, Care24SEVEN makes clear commitments to:

  • Provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
  • Support families in viewing life and death as normal processes and as part of the cycle of life
  • Be aware of psychological and spiritual elements of patient care and family life and to unite them with clinical care sensitively
  • Supply support systems that let patients live as actively as their condition allows
  • Offer support to families during the illness of their loved one and during bereavement if necessary.

Quality of life is vital, not just for the patient but for their family. Working as part of the palliative care team, we support nurses, doctors and other specialists and provide the underpinning daily care that makes wider treatment plans less invasive and allows complex medical/clinical activity to be easily managed by both patient and family.

Life-threatening illness takes its toll on everybody – family and friends become exhausted and may not take care of their own needs. Care24SEVEN exists to ensure that one person’s condition does not overwhelm an entire family – from diagnoses through treatment we travel with our clients and whether the end destination is cure or death and bereavement, we aim to be a constant, supportive presence and a source of help and confidence.

Any advanced progressive illness will make demands on the sufferer and those who love them. Pain management, quality of life and a focus on rewarding daily activities are our three key provisions on a daily basis. Day to day care, in our view, is a chance to make every day special, and we do that by providing trained, well-equipped carers with a clear vision of palliative care and its importance to family welfare.

Our Palliative Care team members also recognise that they have a responsibility to asses the needs of each patient and family in physical, psychological, social terms and to be aware of spiritual/information needs. We commit to ensuring these needs are met, either by Care24SEVEN or in consultation with specialists in those areas, with whom we work closely.