At Care24Seven, we are always looking for ways to help our carers provide the highest level of service. In addition to our excellent carer culture focused on training and development, we also have a bespoke automated system that all our carers use to ensure nothing is missed and the best, most comprehensive level of service possible is offered. We aim to utilise technology in the most helpful ways for those we care for, improving their quality of life and peace of mind for their families.

How does our system improve quality of care?

Sharing service user information

The automated system we use ensures that our carers have all the information they need about those they’re caring for at the touch of a button. At Care24Seven we make sure care is always provided when needed; even if the service user’s regular carer is away or unwell, our automated system makes it extremely easy for another carer to resume care when needed. Our system shows important information like the last time the senior being cared for ate, as well as highlighting any upcoming carer tasks. 

Fast action for potential health issue

Our system ensures that any issues are highlighted and reviewed quickly, for example identifying multiple meal refusals as a behavioural issue. For more traditional care providers, this would be done on paper and may take weeks to reach the right person to be reviewed; at Care24Seven we can investigate issues in days. This automated system also means carers are available 24/7.

Real time updates

Our system is also in real time, so any changing needs can be updated instantly and the carer on hand can change their care accordingly. For example, adverse weather conditions or recent hospitalisations can mean the senior being cared for needs extra care and extra tasks carried out, of which we can make the carer aware at the touch of a button. 

Carer education and training 

Our bespoke system is excellent for sharing important information; it helps to make sure our carers are immediately aware of any policy updates. It is also beneficial to carry out weekly knowledge tests for the carers to ensure that areas that require training are highlighted.

At Care24Seven, we prioritise driving quality service and providing comprehensive care advice. When you hire a carer from us, you can be assured that you will benefit from the delivery of an expert and well-organised care service. Not only are we a respected care agency with 50 years of experience, delivering two million hours of care, but we are also an accredited training centre and have been established for over 10 years. If you are looking for care options, or even just advice, get in contact with our team today!