Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia Home Care: Round-the-Clock

Our high-quality dementia home care means there is no need for someone living with dementia to move into a care home. Our tailored in-home service focuses completely on our clients and what is best for them.

Out of all the possible diseases people face in old age, dementia and Alzheimer’s are some of the most brutal, mostly due to the profound changes in behaviour and the capabilities of the person affected.

Despite the difficult outlook of patients suffering from these conditions, they’re still able to lead a semblance of their normal lives. They can still interact with their loved ones and family members, as long as they get proper care.

Caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Most Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have unpredictable and sometimes risky behaviour patterns. That’s why they require regular supervision and care to stay safe and as healthy as possible. We, here at Care24Seven, offer a solution for families and people who need the support of professional dementia carers. Whether it’s caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other health conditions, we’re here to help.

Health professionals believe that a consistent routine and familiar surroundings are crucial for ensuring the stability of dementia sufferers. Similar principle applies to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

If you have a family member who is struggling and you don’t want to put them in residential care, Care24Seven can help. Our expert dementia carers understand the importance of consistency and are ready to provide care in the patient’s home.

The Alzheimer’s and dementia home care approach usually puts the least amount of stress and strain on the person being cared for. They will stay in familiar surroundings, and their daily routine will likely be much the same as it was in previous years.

We select carers with good experience dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers and ensure that there is an absolute minimum of disruption for our clients. These specialists undergo a training program and can handle any difficulties posed by your loved one’s illness. They can offer one-to-one care for dementia patients and handle issues with behaviour, mobility, or any unexpected situations that may arise.

Having a firm understanding of your loved one’s medical condition and mental state, our carers will adapt their care and communication towards the circumstances and make the experience as convenient as possible.

Choosing the Right Kind of

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Care24Seven provides several different domiciliary care packages and plans, as well as a “custom” option of tailoring a plan to fit your needs.

Because both dementia and Alzheimer’s are progressive conditions, you may consider both our visiting and live-in care services. These will vary in the number of hours or days of care. Furthermore, live-in care presupposes the carer living in the same house as your loved one, and providing round-the-clock assistance when they need it.

Dementia Home Care

When looking for care options for their loved ones, some people consider sending their loved one to a nursing home or care facility. While this is a relatively common choice, there are several major drawbacks to it.

To begin with, people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia often face memory problems. They react quite aggressively and strongly when finding themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and being cared for by unfamiliar people. With the care taking place in their own home, they will feel much more at ease in their natural environment.

It can also be much more reassuring for you to know exactly where your family member is at any time of the day, as well as who they are with.

We provide our customers the opportunity to meet and interact with our carers, so they feel confident that their loved one’s Alzheimer’s or dementia care at home will be in good hands.

Preparing for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Before your loved one’s dementia or Alzheimer’s care can begin, there are certain points that should be covered first. To begin with, you should reach out to our company and describe the situation, as well as any possible requirements.

In order for us to offer the highest level of care, we will need to know as much as possible. Thus, it will be most helpful to us if you take the following steps to prepare:

Getting Started

Whether you have already chosen us as your dementia care provider or are still checking out the different options, it will not hurt to give us a phone call.

Once you get in touch with us, we will make every effort to reach an arrangement and decide on a care plan that will suit your wishes and needs.

After everything is arranged and confirmed, you can soon expect an experienced and forward-looking dementia care assistant to show up on your doorstep, ready to assist with the challenges that lie ahead.

“Outstanding Service”

Thank you so much for looking after my mother. I have been around to see her today,
and the flat has never looked cleaner or better maintained. Thanks finally
for doing the laundry and for the spotless state of the flat.
You are a marvel!

Mrs P S, Notting Hill

“Thank you”

I just wanted to thank you for the great care that you
have provided for my mother. She had a really lovely Christmas Day
and was very happy for that. Thank you, and many thanks once again.

Mr A S, London

“Wonderful Care”

Thank you all for the wonderful care that mummy’s getting.
I couldn’t ask for better.

Linda C, London

“Great Professionalism”

Since Care24Seven took over the care at home of my father and mother,
I have been very pleased with the professionalism and care you have shown.
In particular, there has been a marked improvement in my father’s mental
and physical wellbeing.

Mrs S MacD, Barnes

Why Hundreds of Families
Have Already Chosen Care24Seven for Live-in Care

1:1 Care Ratio: Unlike hospitals or care facilities that have one staff member per a group of elderly, we offer one-on-one care. This means the carer will devote all their time and attention to your loved one and their needs.

48 Hour Contract: We know how unexpectant life can be, and are flexible and ready to accommodate any situation. We have a short contract, which means that you only pay for what you use and can start and stop care at any time, adjusting as needed.

Quality of service: Entrusting the care of your loved ones to somebody you have not known for very long can feel like a risk, but we can assure you of the highest level of care. Our carers will cater to the major and minor needs of your loved one, and provide them with the greatest level of care and treatment that they deserve.

Financial benefits: With the rising costs of care facility services, care at home is proving to be the cheaper option. That’s not surprising as it excludes many of the expenses you would otherwise be paying for in a facility, such as rent and wages, and may even help your loved one qualify for funding help.

A certified training centre: Not only do we have over a million hours of care behind our belt, but we’re a certified training centre ourselves. This means that not only do we train our own carers face-to-face, but we also train other carers from all over the country.

No long waits for care: When care is needed, it is often needed quickly. We can begin our care responsibilities in as little as 48 hours from you first contacting us. In under 48 hours you will have a fully trained carer to look after you or your loved one.

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Job Vacancies:

Care Assistant (Hourly)

Based in West London, we always have posistions for Care Assistants at hourly rates of pay to fit with their schedules and life.

Care Assistant (Night Shifts)

We also need Care Assistants who are good at working nights. Helping patients with anything they might need during the evening hours and ensuring they're looked after.

Live-in Carers

As a Live-in Carer, you'll be spending a huge amount of time with one particular patient who needs a lot of help throughout the day and the night.

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