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When your loved-one leaves the hospital after an operation or serious illness, they’re just at the beginning of their recovery journey. They might need medical and personal care, rehabilitation, support with household tasks and help with travel to appointments.

Post-operative care or convalescent care is a vital part of recovery. After a hospital stay, people may be in pain, finding movement difficult and struggling with tasks they would normally find easy. This can be frustrating and difficult, both physically and emotionally. Without help, people often push themselves to do things they aren’t ready for, setting back their recovery.

Care after hospital discharge is vital to a successful, sustainable recovery. How much intermediate care your loved one needs, and what form that care should take, will depend on what they’re recovering from. We can help put a bespoke care plan in place to make sure they recover as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What is Post-Operative and Convalescent care

Post-operative and convalescent care includes a wide range of vital support. Care for your loved one begins before they leave the hospital, with our home care team consulting with their hospital medical team to establish what ongoing care they need. It is holistic care, designed to meet emotional needs alongside the physical and medical.

Our carers provide companionship and support to help people feel as comfortable and normal as possible while working on their physical recovery. Post-operative carers might do everything from administering drugs to vacuuming the floors. Care can be provided on a live-in basis, or carers can visit as often as needed.


When Post-Operative or Convalescent care after surgery or illness is necessary

Post-operative and convalescent care is needed whenever a person leaving the hospital needs support to regain the life they had before their surgery or illness. It’s used when someone:

  • Is in significant pain
  • Is unable to move freely
  • Lives too far from family and friends for them to be able to help
  • Needs lots of follow-up appointments and help to get to them
  • Needs wound care
  • Needs regular physiotherapy
  • Needs help with household tasks

If you have a loved one who is expecting a hospital stay, consider whether they might need post-operative or convalescent care. While everyone hopes that they will recover easily and quickly, home support is often vital to achieving that easy recovery.

Trying to manage without support is often counter-productive, and can mean a return to the hospital or residential care. It can also mean that healing is hampered, causing long-term problems. Convalescent care allows your loved one to stay in their own home, surrounded by familiar things and the people you’re close to.


What’s Included in Post-Operative and Convalescent Care

Our team includes many providers who have all of the knowledge and experience needed to provide your loved one with the highest level of care and support.

All depending on your circumstances and personal preferences. If you choose to opt for our services, you will be able to select a post-operative care or convalescent care plan that suits you and the needs of your loved one. Such a plan can be arranged in these formats: 

  • Regular home visits: This is a great option when your loved one does not require round-the-clock supervision and simply needs someone to drop by regularly to administer medicine, help with daily tasks, and keep them company after being discharged from the hospital.
  • Live-in care: Live-in care presupposes the care assistants living in the same house/building as the patient and spending most of the day caring for them and tending to their needs while they recover after a hospital visit.
  • Custom: If you have some special requests or requirements for the service which goes outside the bounds of the standard plans above, we are more than willing to consider your wishes and tailor a special-made care plan to the requirements.

Benefits of at-home Post-Operative and Convalescent care

Post-operative and convalescent care at home offer an alternative to a long hospital stay, or a stay in a rehabilitation centre or care home. Most people recover better when they’re at home, in the place they’re comfortable and happy.

Recovering at home means being able to adjust slowly to independent living. A longer hospital or residential stay often means it’s difficult to adjust, especially if they are long-term physical changes to cope with. It’s much easier to manage the change at home, with support, than to suddenly move from hospital to unsupported home living.

Being at home for post-operative care means that family and friends are able to offer more support. Rather than being constrained by hospital visiting hours, you can visit your loved-one whenever you choose. And with professional carers on hand, you won’t need to provide physical care. You’ll be free to provide the companionship and familiarity they crave.


Job Vacancies:

Care Assistant (Hourly)

Based in West London, we always have posistions for Care Assistants at hourly rates of pay to fit with their schedules and life.

Care Assistant (Night Shifts)

We also need Care Assistants who are good at working nights. Helping patients with anything they might need during the evening hours and ensuring they're looked after.

Live-in Carers

As a Live-in Carer, you'll be spending a huge amount of time with one particular patient who needs a lot of help throughout the day and the night.

“Outstanding Service”

Thank you so much for looking after my mother. I have been around to see her today,
and the flat has never looked cleaner or better maintained. Thanks finally
for doing the laundry and for the spotless state of the flat.
You are a marvel!

Mrs P S, Notting Hill

“Thank you”

I just wanted to thank you for the great care that you
have provided for my mother. She had a really lovely Christmas Day
and was very happy for that. Thank you, and many thanks once again.

Mr A S, London

“Wonderful Care”

Thank you all for the wonderful care that mummy’s getting.
I couldn’t ask for better.

Linda C, London

“Great Professionalism”

Since Care24Seven took over the care at home of my father and mother,
I have been very pleased with the professionalism and care you have shown.
In particular, there has been a marked improvement in my father’s mental
and physical wellbeing.

Mrs S MacD, Barnes

Why Hundreds of Families
Have Already Chosen Care24Seven for Live-in Care

1:1 Care Ratio: Unlike hospitals or care facilities that have one staff member per a group of elderly, we offer one-on-one care. This means the carer will devote all their time and attention to your loved one and their needs.

48 Hour Contract: We know how unexpectant life can be, and are flexible and ready to accommodate any situation. We have a short contract, which means that you only pay for what you use and can start and stop care at any time, adjusting as needed.

Quality of service: Entrusting the care of your loved ones to somebody you have not known for very long can feel like a risk, but we can assure you of the highest level of care. Our carers will cater to the major and minor needs of your loved one, and provide them with the greatest level of care and treatment that they deserve.

Financial benefits: With the rising costs of care facility services, care at home is proving to be the cheaper option. That’s not surprising as it excludes many of the expenses you would otherwise be paying for in a facility, such as rent and wages, and may even help your loved one qualify for funding help.

A certified training centre: Not only do we have over a million hours of care behind our belt, but we’re a certified training centre ourselves. This means that not only do we train our own carers face-to-face, but we also train other carers from all over the country.

No long waits for care: When care is needed, it is often needed quickly. We can begin our care responsibilities in as little as 48 hours from you first contacting us. In under 48 hours you will have a fully trained carer to look after you or your loved one.

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