When it comes to caring for someone, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’re making a difference to the lives of those in need. From helping them with a new routine to general health checkups, medication reminders and more, you’ll be working alongside doctors and family members to ensure the patient is looked after properly.

As more people opt to have live-in care, at Care24Seven, we believe in full training and on-going support when you become a carer with us. Here are the few highlights of why you should become a carer. To apply to be a carer please contact us at the bottom of the page here.

Check out our dementia friendly home ideas below here:


1. You’ll meet many interesting people

We are sure you already know this one but it really is true. Starting a career in care will mean you will meet an array of people with different lives, previous careers and exciting hobbies. You can expect some insightful and rewarding conversations when looking after a variety of our patients.

As we support an array of locations in West London including care in Ealing, Chiswick and more, you can expect houses to be easy to travel between, whilst meeting some really lovely and interesting people. 


2. You will get support and training throughout your time at Care24Seven

Here at Care24Seven, we pride ourselves on extensive support and training and an array of levels. Whether you’re a seasoned carer looking to switch to a new agency or a brand new recruit, we train and support our carers to the highest standards. This means, whoever you end up caring for, you’ll feel equipped to deal with any issue that arises without feeling like you’re being ignored.


3. You’ll see the rewards and results of your great care

As you will have the same regular patients to care for, you can be guaranteed to see the results of your own care and expertise thanks to creating and building a treatment plan that works well for the patient. Not only does this provide stability for the patient, it means you can have some sense of familiarity and not feel completely isolated in a field where it can sometimes feel lonely.


4. You’ll have a flexible schedule

Another great perk of working in care is the flexible schedule. If you have other commitments such as picking kids up from school or studying on the side, you’ll have the ability to have flexible hours to make your care job work for you as well as our many patients in West London.


Still undecided? Check out this handy guide from TheGoodCareGroup about the skills needed to become a carer here.

Does the work of Carer sound exciting to you? Contact us at Care24Seven and we can help you become a carer today.