When it comes to living at home by yourself, it can be quite daunting accepting that you might need help in the house. Some people panic and think they need to be put in a care home or some other alternative, however, this guide is here to help you understand why at-home care/live-in carers might be a better choice for you right now.

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1. Your condition is manageable

You might have recently gotten more ill and need an extra hand but, your ability to function and live an independent life is still there. These are things you need to think about with a family member or close one to weigh up if that’s true or not. If your condition is manageable from your own home, in-home care is probably the best option for you right now.


2. You won’t have to worry about certain things like medication

Whether it’s your medication, sticking to a routine, health checkups and more. With a live-in or hourly visit carer, you won’t need to worry about those types of things as they will be facilitated with the carer you hire. Giving you a peace of mind so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.


3. It can offer companionship or support

A live-in caregiver can offer companionship and support when you need it. Living alone or feeling unwell can be quite a lonely process, however, carers are there to support you not just medically but also emotionally. You can chat about your favourite TV show, your life or whatever you find mutual interests with a carer. They can be your friend if you want them to be. 

With a live-in caregiver they will be able to take you out of the house when you want to do certain household chores like food shopping or clothes shopping. We’re fairly certain they’ll want to play cards with you if you ask nicely too!


Still looking at carer options? Check out this handy guide from Which with their guide online here.

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