Falls can be quite common with elderly people as they can find it harder to use, might be visually impaired or other issues. When it comes to elderly people falling over, it’s important that you are always careful or call for help right away to avoid any unnecessary damage or pain to the person. 

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What should I do?

Family caregivers must always ask for help when an elderly person falls, whether that is to an emergency number to contact first responders and keeping them calm until additional help is available, Sometimes caregivers can pick up elderly people too quickly or in an awkward way which can lead to dropping them again so refrain from doing it all by yourself if you can.

The aftermath of a elderly person falling

The best thing to do is ask the person who’s fallen where they hurt and check for any bruises, cuts or pains. Remember to stay calm as the patient is the one who could be hurting and be stressed themselves, staying calm and collected will help them feel more at ease with the situation.

If you are not sure how to examine or they have unexplainable pain it is essential you call an emergency number straight away and wait for assistance.

Ask the person who has fallen to roll onto their side and lift themselves up onto their hands and knees so they can slowly adjust and rotate their body. If they have sore knees, place a towel below them so they can use it as a soft cushion to get up from. Please make sure they are doing the heavy work to lift themselves up as it will be a good indicator as to how badly they have hurt themself.

After that you can ensure they’re sitting upright on a chair until they feel recovered enough to stand and can address any pains they may have gotten from the fall. Contact a doctor if they are in pain.

Please don’t keep your falls a secret

If you are an elderly person who has fallen over, please do not shy away from telling your loved ones, carers and/or doctors. It is always good to be honest as everybody who cares for your wellbeing can help you decide whether or not you need extra help or care around the house.

Preventing falls for the elderly

Trying to prevent falls for elderly people is important, so installing rails around the home, helping them up when needed are all suitable steps in trying to prevent falls in the elderly. Additionally, you can suggest a walking frame and/or a walking stick to help them maintain their balance as well.


Need additional support for falls? Check out this article from the NHS here. If you’re struggling for care in the home then please contact us here at Care24Seven and we will do everything to help you and your loved ones today.