When it comes to the autumn and winter times, leaving the house and bumping into people organically can be more difficult. It is reported by the NHS that more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live by themselves, meaning they are more likely to feel lonely.

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There are lots of different things you can do to help make you feel less lonely. Check out our handy list below to get you started with some ideas:

1. Sign up to local clubs/events

Whether it’s the local WI group, amateur theatre, religious organised events or local council gathering’s, it’s good to check out your local town events and see how you could get involved. Remember, you don’t need to sign up for anything that will take up every minute of your day but giving up an hour or two of your time and doing something that gets you out of the house and chatting with others will help you feel less lonely.


2. Use a computer or laptop to connect with others.

Another great way of connecting with people and feeling less lonely is by accessing the internet. Whether you’re using Zoom to talk to loved ones or connecting on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Keeping conversations with loved ones is essential when you’re living by yourself. Remember, you can always ask for help setting things up from a social profile to installing broadband in your home so don’t be afraid to reach out to your family and friends.


3. Have a routine and stick to it.

Another great way to stay active and less lonely is to create a routine to stick to. A lot of people reading this are probably retired but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a schedule to keep yourself busy. From going to sleep and waking up at regular times in the week, you’ll be able to plan the rest of your day around it.

It’s important to note that you’re allowed to sleep in, enjoy your time at home and relax, however, having a routine that you stick to is a great way of keeping yourself active and giving you a sense of purpose.


4. Get a pet.

Whether it’s a cat, dog, hamster, bunny or more, having a pet around the house can be a great way to help older people feel less lonely. Not only can they provide you with extra tasks to keep you preoccupied.

Additionally, having a pet such as a dog will mean getting out of the house for walks and taking them on playdates to meet other dogs and their owners. These are great incentives to keep you active and busy without feeling like you’re doing too much in your older age.


5. Find a new hobby or rekindle old ones.

Another great way to help ease loneliness at home when you’re older is to discover a new hobby or perhaps rekindle an old one. Whether you’re doing puzzles, knitting, crocheting or more active hobbies such as hiking, bowling or more sporty activities, these are all great ways of making sure you’re not lonely.

What makes having a hobby so much fun is that you can always find other people and communities that love the same things as you. Whether it’s a local group in your town or general community groups found on Facebook or Next Door, you’ll be able to stay social whenever you want and feel accomplished in what you’re doing.


Still unsure of ways to help with your loneliness? Check out this handy guide from AgeUK with their guide online here.

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