What our Customers Say

 We are proud of the excellent standard of care that the Care24SEVEN team provides to our Clients and we are particularly happy when our Carers are mentioned by name in thank you messages.


My own view so far, is that the empathy and competence which Cobi brings to her role has already made her a valuable member of this household. Her sense of humour and the ease with which she is accepting the particular peculiarities of various personalities within the household bodes well for the future, and I’m very happy to be going back to Australia knowing that both parents are being catered to so well. Thanks for your part in this (sometimes traumatic) venture into the previously unknown world of care. The clarity with which you steered us through and the absence of any sort of pressure, were invaluable and greatly appreciated. I’ll wait to hear from you as regards dates. Thanks again,


We felt incredibly fortunate that it was dear Dorcas, a superb palliative carer, who she have been the one to be with my mother at the very last. I will certainly speak to in person before the summer is up, but meanwhile here is a rapid note of thanks. You and the company looked after us very well. With best wishes

Sue W.

Thank you and your team for your wonderful response to my request for care for my patient. The care provided by Nicole was super, Kath was very relaxed and happy in her care and she wanted for nothing, she work extremely well with my team of nurses. Please pass on my thanks, Will remember your service for future, Kindest regards,


Care Quality Commission rated our company as GOOD after inspection, you can access full report on: http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-445091930

Denis J.

I find Virginia to be an exceptionally accomplished carer, very bright and with the ability to tackle any task within her remit. She has a penchant for tidiness, but I have to admit that I am quite untidy myself, so this tends to even things out. Her ability to shower and dry me is remarkable and the occasional leg massage does help my circulation. Finally, in my opinion Virginia is worth her weight in GOLD!! God Bless Her.

Lynne B.

Carole and I would like to thank you for all your help in the last few months. When we were wondered what to do next, you gave advice and help us plan for Dad’s care and ensuring his safety at all times.

Both us feel that without your company we would not have managed to allow dad his final wish to remain in his own home until the end.

Your staff, Olga and Lucas were both excellent, kind and very caring individuals. They quietly did the job and with little fuss, a quality that out father would have appreciated. Please thank both Olga and Lucas from us, for all their help at a stressful and difficult time for us.

Once again thank you for all your help.

Linda C.

Thank you all for the wonderful care that mummy’s getting. I couldn’t ask for better.

Aleks S.

Paulina has done a very good job in keeping the flat clean, doing the laundry and buying and cooking food. My mother is very happy with her, and so am I. She is a treasure.

I am particularly glad that Paulina will be able to spend Christmas day with her, as she is still a bit fragile and would find it difficult to come to our house (as she usually does). Thank you for arranging that.

At the moment, my mother seems to be happy with the usual visits between 2pm and 4pm, but I am happy to pay for extra hours if more cleaning or more shopping is necessary.
Thanks her dedication and hard work.

I am happy for you to use my name as a reference. As you know, I think very highly of you and the service you provide.

Mandy C.

I’d just like to say how very impressed I am by Sharacha and how happy I am that she will be caring for my Dad and Barbara.

Sharacha jumped straight into the deep end this morning and has been absolutely wonderful: gauging Dad’s capabilities and encouraging him to do the things he can do for himself, asking for guidance when she wanted it (like to observe the flushing process), being patient with the rest of us flapping around and most of all just having a lovely, cheerful, positive personality.

Peter S.

Raffa seems to be really committed and caring. She has been chasing the District Nurse and Doctor today to get them to see Dad as he seems to have some sort of infection. She has also been ensuring he does his exercises prescribed by the physio.

It is good that the second carers are coming in to help move Dad when needed.

Mrs S MacD, Barnes London

Since Care24SEVEN took over the care at home of my father and mother, I have been very pleased with the professionalism and care you have shown. In particular, there has been an marked improvement in my father’s mental and physical well being.

I would like to acknowledge in particular the enthusiasm and positive attitude of the Branch Manager, who has shown a genuine compassion and care for both of my parents which my family and I really appreciate

Mr A S, London

I just wanted to thank you for the great care that you have provided for my mother. She had a really lovely Christmas Day, and was very happy for that.

Thank you, and many thanks once again,

Mrs P S, Notting Hill, London

Thank you so much for looking after my mother. I have been around to see her today, and the flat has never looked cleaner, or better maintained.

Thanks finally for doing the laundry, and for the spotless state of the flat.

You are a marvel.

Best wishes,

Service User’s Son, West London

Thank you for your suggestion about eating together, my mother is lonely so as well as being cared for, she likes a bit of company and some chat. She is interested in Gloria’s life in Europe etc. I’m happy for you and Gloria to develop whatever protocols you think will work.

Thanks to you and your team for all your good work.

Keith B, London

I am pleased to report that Jelena was very good, and my mother liked her. So thank you for providing the overnight cover last night.
Having been quite anxious and restless for several nights, my mother actually slept right through the night!
After Christmas we will review my mother’s condition. I am sure that there will be occasions when we need extra help and when that happens we will come to you as our first choice.

Sheena, London SW13

I really appreciated our chat, you have restored my faith in care agencies
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks & regards

Sadru N.

On a personal note Thanks again for your help and excellent service provided by your staff.

PS: I have already recommended even the GP service!

Best regards