Stroke Care

stroke care londonCare24SEVEN believe that quality care for Stroke victims can make a real difference.

Stroke victims are often cared for at home by family, but mobility limitations often mean that expert carers are needed to help with moving and handling, as well as personal care. Tracking medications and Physiotherapy exercise regimes can also be done by an experienced carer. Of course, the connection to the external world and some lively social engagement are also useful benefits of using a professional carer.

We at Care24SEVEN are proud to have improved the quality of life of many of our clients who have had a stroke and to have supported quite a few in regaining mobility and other faculties after stroke damage.

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Our Stroke Care Service

Stroke, which may also be known as as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), cerebrovascular insult (CVI), or brain attack, is a life-changing experience for individuals and their families. Quality care can make the difference between life-changing and life-diminishing and we are proud to say that our stroke caregivers are dedicated to delivering the maximum quality of life to the people they care for, and the maximum peace of mind to their families and friends.

Specialist Stroke Care and Care24SEVEN General Care Provision

An effective home health care service needs to work along the stroke care pathway agreed by the CVA/CVI specialists who lay out the rehabilitation programme for the stroke patient. This is why we have specialist stroke are nursing for home are support of stroke victims and their families.

Quality of life is vital to recovery from stroke and to obtaining the best outcome in the long and sometimes frustrating rehabilitation process. We know that limited mobility and communication can mean that expert care is essential to moving and handling the patient and we’re dedicated to ensuring a high quality of personal and social care, including supervising medication and managing regular physiotherapy, tailoring hobbies and outings to the needs of the individual and – in line with stroke care guidelines – gently urging regular progress towards increased mobility and improved faculties, as well as encouraging speech development and small motor skills through fun activities scaled to challenge the patient without frustrating them.

Stroke Support and Stroke Care

We know that a person-centred approach is vital in the case of stroke/CVA. Whilst there can be an overwhelming medical nursing load, especially in the early days, our professional stroke care teams are always on hand to help. As time goes and and the condition stabilises, we assist with motivation and support, not just to the person who’s had a stroke, but to the whole family. Confidence can be low, in the individual and in those caring from them, so we’re able to take on those sensitive personal tasks that family members may not feel equipped to tackle. Stroke care is much more than just nursing, and we’re equipped to help you adjust to your new circumstances with the minimum of difficulty.