Post Hospital Recovery Care

After being discharged from hospital, rehabilitation care at home can help get you back to normal. With our support you can bridge the gap between your stay in hospital and your full recovery, taking advantage of the comfortable and reassuring environment of your own home.

Our expert carers can help you with the exercise you need to take, and the right food to eat. From your initial assessment and through your continuing care, we’ll make sure to that we work with your changing needs.
Care24SEVEN can help you with:

  • Exercise and your physiotherapy regime
  • Diet plans and eating well
  • Getting out and about as much as possible
  • Cooking, and general housekeeping
  • Getting to appointments.

Why not call us. We would be pleased to help you plan your rehabilitation.


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Our Post Hospital Recovery Care Service

Nobody wants to go into hospital, and coming out of hospital can be equally troublesome. While every hospital patient cannot wait for the day they are discharged, many people need support to complete their recovery at home. Care24SEVEN has a well developed home health care service that ensures you make rapid progress towards full health.

Returning home can be a major step forward in your recovery from illness or surgery and familiar surroundings are valuable in motivating people to recuperate. But there are hazards too – managing your domestic environment can drain your physical resources and there can be many frustrations in not being able to do everything you used to, particularly if you’re the kind of person who notices dust, dirty rugs or dandelions in the lawn!

Home health care can be the solution to the many problems that beset those recovering from a hospital stay. Nutrition and rehabilitation are two areas where we excel, and our expert carers are specialists in helping patients get into the routine of physiotherapy and exercise and ensuring they eat well and regular.

We also offer outbound health care services such as getting you to appointments and ensuring you  rebuild an active social life. Our home care services such as cooking and general housekeeping relieve you of the stress of mundane tasks while keeping your home up to your standards.

Professional home care is a vital component of an successful convalescence which is why our carers have key skills such as motivation training to bring the maximum support to your recovery process.

How Can Care24SEVEN Help Me Recover From My Hospital Stay?

By providing these services:

  • Physiotherapy, mobility and exercise
  • Diet and nutrition including cooking
  • Social activities
  • General housekeeping

How Does Care24SEVEN Work With My Continuing Hospital Care?

We work closely with your care team to ensure:

  • You undertake the right exercises on a regular basis
  • Your diet plan is aligned to your nutritionist’s guidelines
  • You get to appointments in good time.

As a result, you recuperate more swiftly and benefit from a well structured rehabilitation plan. As we take the strain of housework from your shoulders, you will not over-extend yourself too rapidly and relapse into ill-health.

In total, we provide stimulation without stress and motivation without the burdens of general housekeeping. This allows you to get better quicker so that your recovery is both faster and more deeply rooted, giving you a robust base of fitness from which to return to a full life.