Case Studies & Testimonials

Night care at home

Karen’s Mum had suffered a major health set back after a fall at home during the night. Her Mum has always insisted on maintaining her independence and loved the house where she had brought up her children and lived happily for 30 years with Karen’s dad, until he passed away. Karen needed to stay with her own children but she was very nervous at leaving her Mum alone particularly at night. Karen and her Mum chose an evening and night service where a carer comes every evening at 8:00 pm, helps her Mum with dinner and settling down for the night. The carer stays the night in a spare room and helps Mum to get dressed and have breakfast before leaving at 10:00am. Karen is happy to keep in touch and drop in on her mum during the day.

“Thank you so much for looking after my mother. I have been around to see her today, and the flat has never looked cleaner, or better maintained.”

Day care at home

A routine surgery left Mark’s Dad fragile and unable to do basic tasks on his own. Fiercely independent and sociable, Mark knew his Dad would hate to leave his comfortable flat and go to a care home. Mark chose a care service that supported Dad by visiting him every morning, cooking lunch and making sure he was safe and comfortable for the rest of the day. Three times a week the same carer accompanies him to the supermarket, doctor appointments, and on walks in the park. Mark’s Dad is recovering well and looks forward to his chats with his carer and is now a regular at the local coffee shop.

“Thanks for doing the laundry, and for the spotless state of the flat. You are a marvel”.

Respite Care

Sarah cared for her Mum since her father passed away 5 years ago. When Sarah suffered from illness she was unable to look after her Mum. The pressures of her own illness and looking after Mum quickly became too much. She needed urgent relief care. She arranged an immediate care assessment and had a carer visit for a few hours every day for two months. This support gave Sarah the space and rest she needed to recover. Then she reduced the care visits to twice a week giving her time to get out and about, and relax enough to keep up her own strength.

Care24SEVEN gives you the confidence to make the right choices so that you or your loved ones can remain at home, in a safe and familiar environment, retaining independence and dignity.

As well as excellent care we are proud to provide expert impartial advice to those considering care at home for themselves or a loved on. Please call us to talk through your story. We can arrange a free home visit to assess your care needs and advise you on your options.